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High Score
Cubitsu Cubitsu

Fantastic fruit machine type puzzle game!
Cub Shoot Cub Shoot

Sorta like pengiun bashing
Cubic Rubic Cubic Rubic

Unscramble the cube. Electronic version of the popular ...
Cubicle Warfare Cubicle Warfare

Choose your weapon , stapler , paper clicks or rubber b...
cubebuster cubebuster

Cubedelic Cubedelic

An addicting block game with a twist.
Capture The Flag 2 Capture The Flag 2

Capture your enemies flag, try and return it to you ba...
Counter-Strike Counter-Strike

Hit as many attackers as you can before they take you o...
Counterstrike - Lite Counterstrike - Lite

Shoot the targets in the given time... 4 maps to choose...
Camper Strike Camper Strike

Shoot the Moving targets
Crystal Island Crystal Island

Collect all the crystals and bounce on your enemies.e
A murder of Scarecrows A murder of Scarecrows

Aim the seeds at the scarecrows to make them swipe at t...
Crowd Control Crowd Control

Get ready to rock with Buddy Lee as you run crowd contr...
Cross Fire 2 Cross Fire 2

Croc Hunter... Feed Um Babies! Croc Hunter... Feed Um Babies!

Help Steve Irwin, The Croc Hunter, keep his crocs happy...
Cricket Challenge Cricket Challenge

Cricket Challenge that lets you pit yourself against an...
Cribbage Master Cribbage Master

Standard cribbage game. Skunks are worth +100 and doub...
Cribbage Square Cribbage Square

Fill a square with the best cribbage hands you can.
Crazy Shuttle Crazy Shuttle

Pick up students in your taxi and drop them off at thei...
Crazy Pool Crazy Pool

Clear the table quickly and with the least number of sh...
Crazy PinBall Crazy PinBall

Another PinBall game
Crazy Maze Crazy Maze

Guide the green ball thru the maze
Crazy Koala Crazy Koala

Help the Crazy Koala to find the lost birds and guide t...
Crazy Keepups Crazy Keepups

Keep the ball up and make sure it does not lose too muc...
Crazy Frog Remix Crazy Frog Remix

This game is a test of hand-eye coordination and reacti...
Crazy Castle Crazy Castle

Defend you castle from the deamons!!!
Crazy Closet Crazy Closet

Catch as many balls in 90 seconds as you can!
Crazy Cars Crazy Cars

You have won the lottery, but...
Crazy Block Breaker Crazy Block Breaker

The time-honored Breakout genre gets a much-needed upda...
Crazy Bike Crazy Bike

Completr all 10 Tracks!
Crazy Battle Crazy Battle

Shoot down as many enemies as you can
Crazy Balls Crazy Balls

Help Teddy destroy his enemies before they destroy him.
Crazy Ball Crazy Ball

Maneuver a ball through various levels avoiding all the...
Crazy Shooter Crazy Shooter

A nice little shooter. Test your skills on these little...
Crazy 7s Crazy 7s

Crazy 7s Slingo Style!!
Crazy Battle Crazy Battle

Shoot down as many enemies as possible within the set t...
CrashDown CrashDown

The Goal is to remove all the squares as quickly as po...
HTF Crazy Disco HTF Crazy Disco

Catch the falling balls in the Happy Tree Friends Disco
Craps Craps

Craps. Just like being at the casino.
Crack Man Crack Man

Another Pacman game
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