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Keywords or Title:

High Score
Chickenboy Chucky Chickenboy Chucky

Help Chucky across the water.
Chicken Fly! Chicken Fly!

Make the Chicken Fly!
Chicken and Eggs Chicken and Eggs

Catch the falling eggs.
Chicken Attack Chicken Attack

The bird flu is rampant.. Destroy the chickens.
Chicken in a basket Chicken in a basket

Click on the chicken to launch him into the basket.
Chess Chess

Chess Game Choose Your Difficulty
Cheesy Cheesy

Cherry Bomb Cherry Bomb

A Tetris style game.
Chuck Norris - Attack of the Massacre Ni Chuck Norris - Attack of the Massacre Ni

Chuck Norris is back in action!
Chav Dancer Chav Dancer

Naked Ned loves to boogie so why not give him a hand.
Chavtris Chavtris

Help Ned Chav stock up on sovereigns, hes only got 7 a...
Chaos Theory Chaos Theory

What does it all mean?
Chansey Chansey

Help Chansey cure sick pok
Chairlift Challenge Chairlift Challenge

Throw snowballs from your chairlift to knock skiers ove...
Chainsaw the childern Chainsaw the childern

use your chainsaw to kill childern
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction

The object of the game is to get a chain reaction for a...
Chain Letters Chain Letters

Make Words For Points
Chain Letters Chain Letters

Make words
Centrifuge Centrifuge

Protect the centrifuge by shooting the evil balls. Clic...
Centrifuge Centrifuge

Use the arrow keys to expand and contract the spinning ...
Centipede Classic Centipede Classic

Classic Centipede
Cell-Out Cell-Out

Kill the bad cells and cure your patient before time ru...
Cell Out Cell Out

Kill the Bad Cells while avoiding the Good White Cells.
Celebrity Power Lifte Celebrity Power Lifte

the game where celebrities flex their muscles to reveal...
Celebrity Fight Club Celebrity Fight Club

Fight four Celebrity's
Crash Test Dummy High Jump Crash Test Dummy High Jump

How high can you crash the dummy into the wall?
Crash Test Dummy Curling Crash Test Dummy Curling

Crash the dummy and make high fly to the goal!
Castle Defender Castle Defender

Stay alive for 5 minutes, no one must get through to th...
Catch a Crab Catch a Crab

See how many crabs you can catch before the time runs o...
The CCL Game The CCL Game

Get your chosen product across the warehouse into syste...
Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers

Play Chinese Checkers against 1 to 5 computer oppenents...
Classic Breakout Classic Breakout

Classic Atari Breakout!
Cavegirl Cavegirl

Get Cavegirl a date
Cave Run Cave Run

Guide your snake through a cave and avoid the rocks.
The cave of death The cave of death

We pilot a small UFO, and it must not crash in the wall...
Cats Cats

Cat Vacuum Cat Vacuum

Bounce as many cats into the vacuum as you can
Cats Me If You Can Cats Me If You Can

A driving / shooting game
Cat Fight Cat Fight

Its a dog fight but with cats.
Caterpillar Smash Caterpillar Smash

Bash as many caterpillars as you can in 60 seconds.
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