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Keywords or Title:

Rice Hat Warrior Rice Hat Warrior

Help a banished warrior to defeat the evil warlord and ...
Fat Boy Fat Boy

Help a fat boy to raid a cookie factory and satisfy his...
Funny Buttons Funny Buttons

Help a green button survive in the button world. Collec...
Kookin Kidz Kookin Kidz

Help a hungry witch pick up all the innocent children a...
Flight Of The Felix Flight Of The Felix

Help a little cat to fly over the city using a strange ...
Hover Bot Hover Bot

Help a newly created robot, who was ill treated in the ...
Six Feet Under Six Feet Under

Help Alex, the hearse driver deliver the coffins to the...
Beach Bobbing Bob Beach Bobbing Bob

Help bob get all the coconuts across the river to safet...
Rocket Bob Rocket Bob

Help Bob jump from one platform to another, through the...
Name That Game Name That Game

Help Carl from ATHF get his head back.
Alchemist Flame Out Alchemist Flame Out

Help Colonel Roy, the flame alchemist, to destroy the a...
Jungle Dave Jungle Dave

Help Dave to finish the missions. Mario Bros sort of ga...
Jingle Balls Jingle Balls

Help Dennis spoil the Christmas fair by hitting people ...
Downhill Dilly Downhill Dilly

Help Dilly to ride a bike down the Everslope Hill and c...
Banana Barrage Banana Barrage

Help Donkey Kong Collect as many bananas as possible be...
Sea Lab 2021 Sea Lab 2021

Help Dr. Quinn swim through the dangerous sea bed and s...
Keith Annihilation Keith Annihilation

Help end the Vietnam War before it starts.
Armadillo Knight Armadillo Knight

Help Galan, the Armadillo Knight to protect the people ...
Island Hop Island Hop

Help Gilligan get the gang off the island by lighting a...
Flying Gonzo Flying Gonzo

Help Gonzo the great, perform ridiculously dangerous an...
La Hague La Hague

Help Greenpeace protect the earth, collect the dumped n...
Sledding Madness Sledding Madness

Help Griswold the goblin to collect his beloved shiny g...
Griswold The Goblin Griswold The Goblin

Help Griswold, the goblin to find his precious stone, s...
Kill Bill Kill Bill

Help her kill everyone.

Help Houdini explore the temple.
Joe The Rocket Joe The Rocket

Help Joe, the rocket to escape from the renegade robots...
Escape From Rhetundo Island Escape From Rhetundo Island

Help Johnny Tag to escape from the island in this inter...
Final Battle Final Battle

Help King Russell defeat the evil Bob wire and get back...
Lenny Goes To Pluto Lenny Goes To Pluto

Help Lenny to find his way through various levels and d...
Megaman Vs. Metroid Megaman Vs. Metroid

Help Megaman take down Samus.
Spring String Spring String

Help Mr Strings jump from balloon to balloon using his ...
Panik In Bubble Trouble Panik In Bubble Trouble

Help Panik destroy the cyber bubbles unleashed by the e...
Van Van

Help Philpot and his buddy reach the Glastonbury music ...
Pingo Pingo

Help Pingo arrange the stars horizontally or vertically...
Puppy Red Puppy Red

Help Puppy Red kill all the evil black commandos, using...
Sheep Color Balls Sheep Color Balls

Help Rambo the sheep protect his farm from the differen...
Rapunzel's Escape Rapunzel's Escape

Help Rapunzel to kill all the monsters with a flick of ...
Reventure Reventure

Help Rieland, the young warrior take revenge for all th...
Metroid Genesis Metroid Genesis

Help Samus Aran defeat the Metroid army and retrieve th...
Go Santa Go Santa

Help Santa perfect his skiing skills.
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