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Keywords or Title:

Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise Jigsaw Puzzle Paradise

Complete a complicated jigsaw puzzle.
Alien Puzzle Alien Puzzle

Complete the puzzle with the puzzle pieces given to you...
F1 Puzzle F1 Puzzle

Complete this Formula one indianapolis indy 500 puzzle.
Puzzled Puzzled

Complete this nice puzzle of a blue ocean and light hou...
Comboling Puzzle Comboling Puzzle

Connect each block with a straight line.
Traffic Control 2 Traffic Control 2

Control the traffic lights to let cars, trucks, and oth...
Traffic Control Traffic Control

Control the traffic lights to let the cars through the ...
3D Reversi 3D Reversi

Converting all the Reversi pieces on the board into you...
Four Leaf Clover Four Leaf Clover

Cool little game.
Jig Jig

Craft and join metallic pieces of a jigsaw puzzle toget...
Chain Reaction Chain Reaction

Create a chain reaction in this wonderful puzzle game.
NS Lines NS Lines

Create a horizontal, diagonal or vertical line of 5 sim...
Gems - Hexic Revisited Gems - Hexic Revisited

Create groups of three of more gem colors to remove the...
Gem Mine Gem Mine

Detonate a group of 3 or more similar colored gems. Try...
MahJong Connect MahJong Connect

Different style of mahjongg, where you need to match tw...
Magnetism Magnetism

Drag the iron ball through different magnetic fields an...
Park A Lot Park A Lot

Drive through the parking lot and park cars.
Pepsi Handball Pepsi Handball

Drop different colored footballs on to the stack below ...
Flash Tetris Flash Tetris

Drop down blocks in this classic game and score as many...
Tetris 2D Tetris 2D

Drop the blocks in this classic arcade puzzle game.
Sonic Blox Sonic Blox

Drop the blocks in this classic tetris remake.
Sobics School 2 Sobics School 2

Eliminate all the groups of same colored tiles from an ...
Flash Tiles Flash Tiles

Eliminate all the pairs of tiles with similar pattern o...
The Dead Case The Dead Case

Explore a haunted town as a ghost and solve the mystery...
Letter Rip Letter Rip

Find a combination of words within the scrambled letter...
Fatal Puzzle Fatal Puzzle

Find a way to catch the criminals push boulders get the...
Maze Maze

Find out way out of the maze.
Death Wears a Tophat Death Wears a Tophat

Find out who committed the murder and solve it quickly.
Clock Sim Valentine Clock Sim Valentine

Find out who your clock lover is for valentines day.
Find The Difference Find The Difference

Find the 5 different things in the picture.
5 Spots 5 Spots

Find the differences between 2 images. Move your mouse ...
Crimson Room Crimson Room

Find the necessary items to get out of this creepy room...
Jail Escape Jail Escape

Find your way out of the jail cell by using logic.
12 Puzzle 12 Puzzle

Fit the puzzle pieces together to solve the puzzle!
Peanuts Peanuts

Flick as many nuts in the goal as possible.
Memory Family Guy Memory Family Guy

Flip over the cards and memorize the characters.
Moon Cave Moon Cave

Fly the space ship without blowing up.
Cubitsu Cubitsu

Form a row, column or diagonol of three stars by rotati...
Memory Swimwear Memory Swimwear

Fun game of memory with swimwear.
Fire and Ice Dragons Fire and Ice Dragons

Gather up all the pieces of the shattered fire crystal.
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